Trans-Europe Marketplace EN 1.0

    In the life of every business sooner or later the time of innovation comes. At Trans-Europe Zrt. we always put a great emphasis on innovation and keeping up with the latest trends but at the end of 2020 we set out to do something we have never done before.


    Our Trans-Europe Marketplace (beta) system is an integrated, order tracking and managing system, which is connected not only to the inner infrastructure of our company, but to the systems of the represented software companies by an API connection. This way the speed and effectiveness of the management and registration of the orders can be taken to another level.

    The open beta of Trans-Europe Marketplace is available to all of our resellers. The public version is working with Adobe's system - our biggest brand - however the later versions will be connected to the systems of other Vendors.

    What does the Marketplace provide to the distributors?

    trans-europe-marketplece (1).jpg


    First and foremost you will gain advantage over your competitors. The regular orders are processed almost immediately with minimal human effort and the Vendor receives them without delay. There is no need to send an email and wait for the confirmation, because on the simple and transparent user platform the stages of the order are clearly shown.

    The reseller user interface is designed to be easily usable. With web-based, ergonomic and fully responsive forms it is possible to order even if you are on the way. With automatic notifications completing the order tracking, surely there won’t be any forgotten orders or delayed license.

    Traceability and transparency

    The status of the orders can be followed in at a simple platform, which can be systematized. Each and every status change, which is related to the Vendor is immediately shown in the list, which can be ordered by any parameter. The lead-time of the orders can be be measured only in minutes.

    The platform is providing additional services like end-customer register, auto-renewal, improved statistics. The list can be exported to xlsx or csv. In the future the development of API connection will be ready so you can connect to your systems with ours.

    The sky is the limit

    The system is currently available for Adobe VIP Commercial Level 1-4 orders, but in the future EDU and GOV orders will be available. And after that other licensing methods can be established. We will implement the new possibilities as soon as they appear.

    The current end-customers can be migrated to the new system from the reseller console if they are not in the renewal period.

    It is very important that in the Marketplace the grace period is 7 days instead of 30 days after anniversary.

    Why is this worth a try?

    After the first stage of development we plan to develop new functions, so now is the best time to join and register at Trans-Europe Marketplace. We help you with the transition in different ways: there will be how-to videos (the first is below) and you can ask us any time if you need help or have a question.

    Ordering is also cheaper on Trans-Europe Marketplace, because we give you 1% additional discount if you place the order on the Marketplace instead of email until 31st May 2021.