Ingyenes FileMaker alapú adatbázisok

Business Productivity Kit:

  • Mountain Bike Shop (Contacts, Inventory, Sales Orders, Projects, Email)

K-12 Starter Kit: 6 különböző oktatásban felhasználható adatbázisok

  • Track appointments with a calendar view of your data
  • Track faculty and staff more efficiently than ever before!
  • Manage curriculum, admissions and grade books with ease.
  • Have mathematical clip art at your fingertips.
  • Manage registrations and course offerings more
  • Organize class materials all in one place.

Creative Pro Starte Kit:

  • Track appointments with a calendar view of your data
  • Manage contact details for clients and vendors
  • Track job status from proposal through delivery
  • Create digital libraries that store images, sounds, and video
  • Print invoices, labels, reports and more

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